Boundary Bay Releases limited edition Ekstatik Nostratik bottle


Boundary Bay Brewery has been releasing a number of awesome beers recently, including their collaboration with Gruff Brewing Neighborhood Watch. They’ve been venturing into new territory, with input from their Director of Quality Bryan Krueger. He’s been introducing some great mixed culture beers into the rotation of Boundary’s Bootlegger Serieis.

Last week Boundary released another bottle called Ekstatik Nostratik. There are only 25 cases so be sure to head down and get one before they’re gone. Here’s the Press Release:


“Mirror-surfaced tumbling rivers of melted meaning flow gurgling around you”

This brew started with a house “Boundaryless” mixed culture open fermentation of our Oktoberfest.

The additions of locally harvested rhubarb, raspberries from Curt Maberry Farm & strawberries from Barbie’s Berries teach the true language of lost poetry in this funky endogenous, two-year multi-step wood-aged fermentation.
Ekstatik Nostratik is an extremely limited release from the Boundary Bay Bootlegger Barrel Series. Only 25 cases produced.

7% ALC. BY VOL. | 3.43 pH | Total Acidity 1.2 g/L

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