Oregon State Offers 2-Day ‘Origins of Beer Flavors and Styles Course’


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Oregon State University is now offering a 20% discount on the 2-Day ‘Origins of Beer Flavors and Styles Course’ held in Corvallis this September or in Portland this coming March. This is a workshop that brings you through an experimental sensory challenge that will open up revelations in beer tasting and evaluation.

The course offers guided tastings and hands-on activities–through the brewing process from raw materials to finished beer–granting mastery over how the essential raw materials used in brewing process (malt, water, hops, and yeast) impact beer flavor and aroma. This two-day workshop is taught by world-renown OSU fermentation science experts, Tom Shellhammer, Ph.D., and Jeff Clawson, and is designed for novice and advanced beer enthusiasts alike.

The class fee for the Corvallis course is $100 cheaper than the Portland course and also comes with free admission to Septembeerfest in Corvallis. More info and registration at https://pace.oregonstate.edu/catalog/origins-beer-flavors-and-styles

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