2017 Beer Bloggers Conference The Highest Rated Ever

The 2017 Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference was the highest rated BBC ever, since its inception in 2010.

We at Zephyr Conferences use a five-point rating scale in which 5 = outstanding, 4 = very good, 3 = good, 2 = fair, and 1 = needs improvement. Our Overall and Content ratings for the past eight BBC events:

BBC ratings

The Overall rating by attendees at the 2017 conference was 4.25, barely nudging out the 4.24 we received at Boston in 2013. But what is really apparent is that attendees of the Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference uniformly give us high marks, year after year. This is not the case with all our conferences and we feel this in part reflects the joy and appreciation with which attendees tackle their blogs, participate in the industry, and attend the conference.

The Content ratings, which are of course a major component of a conference’s success, also reached an eight-year high, with a 2017 rating of 4.04. You can see from the chart this continues a gradual increase in satisfaction with the conference content, which is very rewarding for us given how hard it sometimes is to come up with excellent content and speakers.

What these ratings don’t show is the incredible hospitality Milwaukee showed to us, including two dinners, two lunches, a reception, and an evening party all put on by local breweries.

We realize beer bloggers (and those involved in marketing and communications in the beer industry) have to choose whether to spend the time and money to attend the annual Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference. Please consider this your invite to not miss out on the fun in 2018! Register Now!

I will leave you with just a few of the comments from 2017 attendees:

Overall I had a great experience. Since this was my first time attending, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I loved how warm and welcoming everyone was to each other.

Being my first one I was not sure what to expect but I could compare it almost to an all-inclusive resort. The level of presenters and guest speakers far exceeded what I would expect. 

Probably the best speaker lineup of the BBC events I have attended.

We were treated very, very well. So much kind, gracious hosting.

This was the best experience I’ve ever had a conference.

Excellent organization overall.  Everything was on time and functioned smoothly. Content was perhaps the best overall in the six I’ve attended.

One of my favorites, and I’ve been every year since Indy in 2012. A great beer scene, good content and unique experiences.

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