Wolves & People Farmhouse Brewery releases Four Bottles and a Can this Weekend


This weekend Wolves & People Farmhouse Brewery in Newberg, Oregon is releasing five packaged beers, four bottles and one can. They include cherry saisons and other farmhouse ales in three 500ml bottles and a 750ml, plus new cans of the breweries Crushpad Pilsner. This makes for a great excuse to head out for a short drive to Newberg to check out this farmhouse brewery that is actually on a farmhouse in the middle of wine country. The beer releases are detailed with labels and commercial descriptions below.


Sebastian Cherry Farmhouse Ale

Tart and lush with mellow, pie spice-like notes, out Sebastian Cherry is a blend of several oak-aged Sebastian saisons refermented in the cask with local Montmorency cherries. Try it with any rich pork dish or even a ripe & aromatic bleu cheese. Cheers! 6.4% ABV / 19 IBU



Sebastian Smoke Saison

Our first farm-grown yeast was known as Sebastian, after the German pioneer who settled the land we call home 150 years ago. One day our friend Sebastian Sauer, of Freigeist in Cologne, Germany, joined us to brew a collaborative saison using smoked malt from Bavaria. To this we added pilsner and Vienna malts, oats, and rye, plus ripe local Stella Black cherries smoked by the handful over applewood and hickory. Then we drank good beer by a campfire. You should, too. 6.3% ABV / 12 IBU




Barrel-aged saison meets ripe local kiwi, aka Chinese gooseberry, and yes-melonette! The juicy, tropical-tasting fruit about the size of a hen’s egg came from China to New Zealand, and now the Willamette Valley where it thrives. Aged for over a year in oak with our house Sebastian yeast and multiple strains of Brettanomyces then refermented with local kiwi, this golden-hued ale is tart, mouth-watering, and redolent of the great little green fruit. Enjoy! 7.2% ABV / 22.7 IBU



Sebastian Plum Farmhouse

Our first wild yeast grown on the farm from a wild plum is known as Sebastian, after the German pioneer who first settled the land we call home some 150 years ago. This French oak barrel-aged saison, a blend of choice casks of various ages from our cellar fermented with Sebastian yeast and multiple strains of Brettanomyces, balances complex flavors of oak, ripe stone fruits, and tart melon rind. Enjoy! 6.5% ABV / 22 IBUs


September 23 – 24th Noon –  8pm
Wolves & People Farmhouse Brewery
30203 NE Benjamin Rd, Newberg, Oregon 97132

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